Blue Henri

"Vivir cun can é fácil.
Como vivir cun idealista"
                                             H.L. MENCKEN

Eres una bomba de fusión de hidrógeno
Un huracán de fuerza siete
Eres el diluvio universal
Schwarzenegger en Depredador

Eres la riada que todo lo arrastra
Un tsunami a flor de piel
Una garrapata pegada a un cojón
Angela Chaning en Falcon Crest

¿Por qué eres así?
Eres malo, malo, malo de verdad

Ay, con los invitados
Rayas las extravagancia
Ay, es que tú…
¡Eres más malo que George Bush!

KENNY DORHAM - Blue Bossa - 'Page One' (Joe Henderson) - 1963
VERSIÓN - Fununcan - Letra de Wasacan, Arentelle, Guanchankein e Danideans


Why go?

"No fondo, soidade"

She scratches a letter
Into a wall made of stone
Maybe, someday another child
Won't feel as alone as she does

It's been two years and counting
Since they put her in this place
She's been diagnosed
By some stupid fuck and Mommy agrees

Why go home?

She seems to be stronger
But what they want her to be is weak
She could play, pretend
She could join the game, boy
She could be another clone

Why go home?

What you taught me, put me here
Don't come visit, Mother

Sing it

PEARL JAM - Why go? - 'Ten' - 1991
VERSIÓN - Wasacan


The Partisan

"Zoupa o aire na historia dos homes.
Baila nas tumbas, durme na sombra"

When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender,
This i could not do;
I took my gun and vanished.

I have changed my name so often,
I've lost my wife and children
But i have many friends,
And some of them are with me.

An old woman gave us shelter,
Kept us hidden in the garret,
Then the soldiers came;
She died without a whisper.

There were three of us this morning
I'm the only one this evening
But i must go on;
The frontiers are my prison.

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
Through the graves the wind is blowing,
Freedom soon will come;
Then we'll come from the shadows.

Les allemands étaient chez moi,
Ils me disent, résigne-toi,
Mais je n'ai pas peur;
J'ai repris mon arme.

J'ai changé cent fois de nom,
J'ai perdu femme et enfants
Mais j'ai tant d'amis;
J'ai la France entière.
Un vieil homme dans un grenier
Pour la nuit nous a caché,
Les allemands l'ont pris;
Il est mort sans surprise.

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
Through the graves the wind is blowing,
Freedom soon will come;
Then we'll come from the shadows

LEONARD COHEN - The Partisan - 'Songs From a Room' - 1969
VERSIÓN - Wasacan - Arentelle  


Man of Golden Words

Palabras e música.
Non hai máis ferramentas.

Wanna show you something like
The joy inside my heart
Seems I've been living in the temple of the dog
Where would I live, if I were a man of golden words?
And would I live, at all?

Words and music, my only tools

And on her arrival, I will set free the birds
It's a pretty time of year, when the mountains sing out loud
Tell me, Mr. Golden Words, how's about the world?
Tell me can you tell me at all? yeah

Words and music, my only tools

Let's fall in love with music
The driving force of our livings
The only international language
Divine glory, the expression
The knees bow, the tongue confesses
The lord of lords, the king of kings
The king of kings

Words and music - my only tools

MOTHER LOVE BONE - Man of  Golden Words - 'Apple ' - 1990
VERSIÓN - Wasacan - Arentelle